What some of my clients have said…

“As a musician, I find Debra’s yoga classes release tension built up during playing and performing. The breathing exercises we practise greatly help too. I attend a mixed class which is fun and sociable but maintains the clear objectives of Dru Yoga.”
Henry, Cellist

“Being a keen athlete, I always look for ways to improve my performance. Having a clear mind through doing yoga with Debra has always given me an edge. I often  incorporate elements of Dru Yoga when warming up for competitions.”
Alex, Sport Science Student, National Level Athlete

“I really enjoy coming to Debra’s Wednesday morning yoga classes – it’s a great form of exercise which I have noticed has improved my flexibility and balance over time and is fun too.  Some of the postures are more challenging than others but we always start a new posture slowly and they are all completely achievable, especially as you come to classes regularly and become familiar with different postures, so can hold things a bit longer, with less wobbling than to begin with!  Debra is so friendly and there are no pretentions, with everyone falling over now and then so you don’t feel too silly when it’s you!”
Diane, Wildlife Conservationist

“We both enjoy the Wednesday evening classes and have been going for several years. John can balance on one leg and I can touch my toes and Debra makes everyone feel comfortable with their own level and achievement. There’s no competition. It’s good to go out as a couple for an evening which doesn’t involve eating and drinking and one which sends us home for a hot bath feeling calm, stretched and relaxed.”
Alex and John Holden

“I have been enjoying Debra’s yoga classes for the last four years and she is an excellent teacher.  Debra ensures that her classes are friendly and relaxed and that focus is given to each posture so maximum benefit is gained by the body in a gentle and controlled way.  The final relaxation part of the class is a perfect way to end and I always leave Debra’s classes feeling so much better than I did before the class started.”

“I’ve always done a lot of walking but I’ve found that Debra’s yoga classes have helped improve my flexibility, balance and coordination, all of which need more work as I get older. I also love the feeling of peace and calm at the end of a session – an ideal way to face the day! Definitely recommended as a workout for the more mature amongst us.”
Sheila, Senior student

“Thanks Debra for another fantastic term of yoga classes.”