About Debra Mann

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I’m Debra Mann and I live with my family in Dummer, Hampshire and run my classes and workshops in the local area. I started practising yoga in 1996 with some excellent inspirational teachers and discovered yoga to be incredibly beneficial to the mind, body and soul.

I trained for 4 years with The International School Of Yoga and Therapeutics, qualified as a Dru yoga teacher in 2007 and have been teaching ever since. Before expanding my yoga teaching I worked as a State Registered Dietitian in a variety of health settings.

From experience, I really believe that yoga can help us in our everyday lives in the way we move, feel and think. 

What I teach
Through years of teaching I have designed my own style of yogic practise which is accessible for all. Quite simply everyone, regardless of age, fitness and ability can enjoy the advantages of my classes.

Dru yoga, with its foundations based in ancient tradition, forms the core of my teaching. I teach both classes and workshops enabling my students to embrace yoga at the level with which they feel comfortable.

About my classes
Each session is designed to include: a flowing sequence to activate the whole body, breathing exercises to increase lung capacity, traditional yoga postures that focus on specific muscles groups, and relaxation to enable the body and mind to settle.

All these elements are designed to work on the body, mind and emotions; specifically improving flexibility, balance and core stability whilst strengthening the posture, energising and reducing stress.

As a yoga teacher, I find it very rewarding to witness the many improvements yoga brings to my students’ health and wellbeing.

My classes are open to men and women, attracting people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Please contact me to book or discuss my classes:
tel: 01256 397572 | mob: 07840 352119 | email: debra@dummeryoga.co.uk

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